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Practice less, play more

Do it just for 10 minutes before the game, raise blood in your muscles and enjoy the result.

Player is enjoing practicing less and playing more

Use firing range effectively

Do precisely what needs to be done to be prepared for the game, no more, no less.

The view of a firing range that you want to use effectively

Progress every day

Short warm-up, if done consistently every day, can take your skills to the next level.

Progress every day to become the champion


Jumping straight into the game without proper warm-up can lead to quick eliminations early in the game, whiffing shots, losing 1v1 and so on. All that lead to frustration, definitely not why you open the game.

  • It takes more time. First instead of shooting you have to loot (actually even looting can be less efficient, as your movement would be “clunky”), second, far less shooting (even on Mixtape) with valuable feedback (it’s much easier to practise recoil with visual feedback).
  • Quick elimination or whiffing because of the “stiffness” leads to early frustration, that would affect whole experience for the day.
  • With limited time to play (ie you playing after a work or studying), every game matters. Warm-up reduces a chance to have really bad games.
  • We packed drills for different skills for you in routines. The app helps you to follow timing and do not spend much time on firing range, better you play the game.
  • It makes a practice versatile. For example, tracking is a crucial skill in Apex Legends, more than in FPS shooters like CS:GO or Valorant, but I personally always forget to do that and start other tasks. The app helps me not to forget something.
  • If you want to work on some specific skills, proper warm-up can help you to do your drills better. It’s like you warm-up in a gym before hard work.
  • Not every platform has it, so if you’re Xbox or PS user, you actually don’t have much choice. Unless you’re up to challenge of connecting controller to PC and being able to properly set sensitivity and other complicated settings.
  • Some things, like recoil or movement, can’t be practised in separate apps, so anyway, you might want to warm-up in the firing range to, get feeling of weapons before the game.
  • There’re a research that within a week people forget about 90 percent of new information, so you probably going to forget some drills. That’s actually exactly why I made the app, since I watched a lot of videos from players like Verhulst, NiceWigg and others, but I kept forgetting some drills. With the app you don’t need to remember what to do and in what order, leave it to machine and just have fun.
  • In addition to that, the app is rotating drills every day to keep it engaging.
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We’re in closed beta for now

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